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With over 25 years in the area of bespoke software development you can rest assured, we know what we are doing.

Having developed many applications ranging from small software to multi networked hospital patient records systems, from nursery programes to software using barcode scanners, biometric readers and a whole host of other hardware devices, we have both the expertise and experience in development.

Unlike other companies, we do not outsource, even down to having our own data centre capabilities, racked servers with 99.9999% guaranteed uptime.

We develop in all types of languages depending on what the application is, what the task is, windows, web or even tablet / mobile.

We are registered Apple developers and Microsoft experienced, and produce software in PHP, Java, SQL, MySQL, VB, .NET, XOJO, ruby, ASP and many more.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the simplest user interfaces, that not only made sense but also provide you with speed.

Automation is paramount in all of our software systems and its something were pretty damn good at.

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